‘Can you imagine calling an ambulance in an emergency situation and they only arrive after 45minutes or more?’
Often the ambulance you call for your emergency is delayed, given a low priority or gets lost trying to find your facility.

SecMed offers a Primary Rapid Response Vehicle staffed with qualified and experienced Life Support Emergency Care Practitioners and Paramedics who will immediately be dispatched to your emergency and stabilise the patient until the ambulance arrives.

We are based in Pretoria & Johannesburg and our market extends to the developing cities around it.
At SecMed we understand you need professional, affordable and efficient emergency medical services, whether you are concerned about the potential consequences of non-compliance at your event; or simply about the well-being of your staff and other individuals on your company or school property.

SecMed offers Primary Medical Response, on-site medical care and incident management tailored to suit your specific needs.

SecMed is an established supplier of Emergency Medical Primary Response Services at corporate, educational facilities and sporting events in South Africa and abroad.
Tel: 082 707 8481    Fax: 086 601 7911    Email: management@secmed.co.za   Web: www.secmed.co.za
P.O Box 219, Silverton, Pretoria, South Africa 0127
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