We already have access to your setup;

• We know the layout of your premises and grounds

• The GPS coordinates of each client that we serve are pre-loaded in our GPS units, with the best entrance(s) to each address of your Emergency;

What Makes SecMed Different?

• Emergency calls to SecMed go directly to one of our vehicles, not to a call center;

• Because we know the location of the community you are in, the driver can already make his way over there, while the crew member on the vehicle verifies the exact location inside the community, reducing our response time drastically;

• An Ambulance gets summoned as a matter of course;

• Our Rapid Response Vehicle will immediately assess the situation and start the required medical and trauma treatment without delay;

• Should it prove unnecessary for an Ambulance it will be cancelled by the Rapid Response Vehicle;

• SecMed takes a scaled approach and balances the number of clients they take on with the number of teams they have available to maintain the highest level of service per client. We have the correct equipment to handle emergencies;

• Our Emergency Medical Staff are carefully selected and assembled into dedicated teams with the desire to assist you in your emergency.
You have to wait until THE SERVICE YOU CALLED get to you

• In a 5km radius there are ONLY 3 ambulances, and 1 response vehicle available at any given time;

• In a 20km radius there are ONLY 6 ambulances, and 3 response vehicles available at any given time;

• These resources have to cover Motor Vehicle Accidents, Emergency Calls, Trauma or Medical incidents. The minimum time it takes an ambulance to handle a specific call is 45 minutes;

• More often than not, this is NOT the case, and this time is exceeded!

• Your Emergency simply has to fall in the back of the queue;

UNLESS you are a SecMed client…

• With our Scaled-Approach we ALWAYS have a vehicle available

Imagine this:

The Technical Worker at your premises gets injured;

• You obviously want to help;

• You have 2 choices, use private service providers, or call the Government Ambulance;

• Transporting the patient yourself leaves you liable for civil damages…

• Should you use a private service provider the cost could be exorbitant;

• If you use the Government Service, you have no idea when they would arrive or how inundated they are;
Your Emergency,
Our Tender Care & Professional Assistance
Can you afford not to be a SecMed client?
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